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include "list" (* map is included in list, this is that just without type annotations *) function map2(theList, transform) do val index := 0 val newList := [] while index < theList.size() do newList[index] := transform(theList[index]) index := index + 1 end return newList end (* this is a demonstration of higher order functions *) function add(a: integer, b: integer) do return a + b end (* Fill the first argument of a function and return a function to take the second *) function apply(fun, first) do return function (second) do return fun(first, second) end end val printList := function(item) do output item end val increment := apply(add, 1) val decrement := apply(add, -1) [1,2,3].map2(increment).forEach(printList) (* This will fail as it has detected that you applying an integer function on a text list*) (* ["test", "ing", "text"].map2(increment).forEach(printList) *)